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visitkerteminde.com The tourist office in Kerteminde.


tjn-natur.dk guided tours, about nature.


1x.com A website where photographers can upload their images to review, and if they are good enough, they will appear in their gallery.

"Kerteminde from the top" panoramic image of the city's tallest building (47 m).

This photo taken on a cold January day. It was so cold fingers could barely

operate the camera. But an absolutely amazing experience on top of it all.

The work has brought me in close cooperation with many different partners in the project. Especially nature photosafari tours:

Partner from the project


I have a great fondness for Kerteminde and the surroundings which since 2013 has brought me to work with on better growing conditions for tourism and the local population and business conditions.


VisitKerteminde implement, in cooperation with key players in the Danish tourism, a large-scale EU-funded project entitled "Development of location-tourism concept in Danish coastal resort towns". The project, which also includes other selected coastal destinations.


The overall focus is to create better growing conditions for tourism in Denmark's coastal areas. But the starting point must be partly made individual destinations various cultural and historical context, and also in the wishes and ideas expressed locally. In Kerteminde goal is to relaunch the classic beach holiday as an attractive product that can attract both national and international visitors.


Peter C. Normann is the founder and creator of NORMANN FOTO & VIDEO. Ever since the creation of the company, goal has been to achieve beautiful and cinematic photo- and videography, capturing moments that will live forever.


I've has been working in the visual media industry for more than 20 years. But it all beginning as a very young boy standing with one of that time first VHS camera in his hand, there began the journey. My decision to go full time into photography was taken many years after working with various visual productions, among other multimedia and graphic design after the 1990s started I freelance 10 years later, Peter found his passion as a cinematographer and began his journey.


Photographer and video maker Peter C. Normann specializing in 
documentary images in the natural light and conditions.


Work freelance based in the heart of Denmark on 
the island of Funen. Traveling with joy for new exciting 
challenges and locations locally and around the world 
– in a quest to capture the image and the good story with the lens and camera.


Capture your next memory with NORMANN FOTO & VIDEO.


“Capture the Present, For the Future!”


-Peter C. Normann


Wishing you a warm welcome to look inside at my visual universe ❦


For your pleasant information I can tell you that the website is under construction and therefore there will over time be new measures that you can follow.

If you want information about updates to the website, write to me so you can be contacted when it happens.


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Atmosphere from Kerteminde area

Viking trademark
Garde by the sea

The garden by the sea

guided tours, about nature, or what about a day of photo safari? Where nature is the center of your experiences.

"Kerteminde Nordstrand" My image creation is highly cinematographic inspired. And I love to be challenged with the natural light.

In addition to the

fascination for photography

NORMANN FOTO is a cerficeret partner in Kerteminde





Normann foto
certificeret partner haven ved havet
NORNMANN FOTO Photographer and video maker Peter C. Normann

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