– there are present

Most people are not present in the moment because they believe that the next moment is more important.

As a photographer, it is paramount to be present all the time and ready when the moment arises.

I am the customer's creative partner

My main task is to familiarize myself with the customer's problem and understand how to visually influence the target audience. Customer and I have a mission together. We have a message we must have communicated to a particular audience.

In some cases, it is best with still photos, in other cases, it makes better sense to use video films.

As a photographer, I see myself as a "visual communicator" who devises how best communicates precisely to the target audience and makes a solution that meets the needs of the customer.

Professional photography is not just a matter of taking a picture. It's all about understanding what you want and how to help you achieve that by reaching out to your customers in the visually most positive way.

I look forward to helping you with your visual challenges.

Peter C. Normann