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Where there is light are there pictures

I represent photographers who have the power of natural light creating truthful depiction of the natural world along with the passion for authentic realism inlife and image expression.
The energy comes from the passion for photographing nature. I have always taken different genres of photography, but my motives are largely driven by the people who are photographed and I meet on the way out of presence and love for landscapes, wildlife and nature.

Photographer– there are present

Most people are not present in the moment because they believe that the next moment is more important.

As a photographer, it is paramount to be present all the time and ready when the moment arises.

As a photographer, it is imperative to be present all the time and be ready when the moment arises. And that is exactly what is my specialty.

My most important task is to familiarize myself with your goals and understand how the target audience is visually affected. Together we embark on a mission.
So, there will be a clear message communicated to that particular target audience.

In some cases stills are best done with still images, in other cases it makes better sense to use video footage.

As a photographer, I see myself as your creative sparring partner in visual communication who, in close collaboration with you, devises how to best communicate visually precisely to a specific target audience according to your wishes and needs.

Professional photography is not just about taking good pictures. To that extent, it is also about understanding what is wanted and helping to achieve it by reaching out to the target audience in the most positive visual way.

I look forward to being your guide and helping with the exciting visual challenge.

Peter C. Normann